Exercise 5.10

Plant Accident

Who: Duane LaChance

What: LaChance suffered third-degree burns.

Where: Petal, Mississippi Municipal Power Plant, 222 Power Drive

When: 3 p.m today

Why: He was installing new pipes.

How: He accidentally touched a wrench to a power line.

First sentence: Pipe fitter, employed by Gross Engineers, suffered third-degree burns, 3 p.m. today, after the installation of pipes on a roof took a turn for the worse.

— used Blind-Lead Style

Second sentence: After getting third-degree burns from a power line, Duane LaChance was reported by project manager, Rosen, to be in serious condition at the intensive care unit at Methodist Hospital.

McCartney Illness

Who: Peter McCartney

What: Checked into hospital for throat surgery.

Where: Riverside Hospital

When: Today after Bennett Auditorium performance

Why: Throat had been reduced to a whisper following concert.

How: He sang at a concert with a crowd of 1,000 fans last night.

First sentence: Rock singer, Peter McCartney, was set for an exploratory throat surgery,January 11, because his voice was reduced to a whisper after a long performance Monday night.

— Straight-news lead

Second sentence: McCartney performed on stage at Bennett Auditorium in front of a group of 1,000 fans, which contributed to him checking into the hospital late Monday night for a surgery scheduled tomorrow.

BOE Meeting

Who: Members of the Hattiesburg Board of Education

What: The enrollment went down.

Where: At the school

When: Monday morning

Why: To discuss school enrollment and new policies

How: By having the assistant superintendent monitor the meeting and having the staff vote on new rules.

First sentence: The Hattiesburg Board of Education was informed, Monday morning, that the school enrollment had dropped by 200 students to a new low of only 1,050 students.

— used Summary Lead

Second sentence: All members were present at the Board of Education meeting when the superintendent, Max Hoemmeldorfer,told the staff that new rules, such as prohibiting jeans from the school, would be enforced next year.

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