March 24 Homework: PR and News Releases

Public Relations at Liberty

  1. Liberty University Loves Animals: Liberty donates to Lynchburg Humane Society to help sick animals.
  2. Liberty University Alumni Gives Back to Children: Liberty graduate donates large sum of money to community to pay for children’s education.
  3. Liberty University’s IT Department Utilizes Brand New Technology: Liberty’s IT Department uses newest technology to give students quality assistance in their studies.

5 News Releases:

  1. What is the News: Walmart aims to lesson its company’s waste.

Summary: Walmart decided to recycle their frosting containers this year. They were able to use the resin from the containers to create Easter baskets. For the past few years, Walmart has been trying to make their frosting containers easier to recycle.

2. What is the News: Walmart invests their time and money into their employees.

Summary: Walmart invested $2.7 billion dollars to help give their employees a fulfilling experience with the company. Walmart also plans to start 200 academies to train Walmart employees. The company’s hope is to have well trained employees who will be a positive image of the company for years to come.

3. What is the News: Walmart tries to stop their food waste.

Summary: Walmart has been cracking down on eliminating waste that comes from broken eggs. When eggs break in a carton Walmart employees safely take the unbroken eggs and put them in fresh cartons. Walmart also turns their inedible food into food to feed animals.

4. What is the News: Walmart buys American products.

Summary: Walmart supports American jobs by buying billions of dollars worth of merchandise. Walmart says that they want to use there success as a company to positively impact others. Walmart also offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their ideas to the company.

5. What is the News: Walmart helps women in India.

Summary: Walmart supports businesses all around the world that are run by women. They specifically buy pens from an Indian store named Luxor. Walmart supports the growth of companies in their community and around the globe.

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