By Krista Harper, LMFT

Seven weeks postpartum, [and] still looking three months pregnant. There is no bounce-back [after baby], it’s all onwards and upwards… I especially want the new mamas out there to hear that, because we see so much of how glossy motherhood can be and not enough of…

By Dr. Kelly Mothner

My husband and I have always loved traveling and adventures. Though our opportunities to travel became somewhat limited, first by graduate school and then by work obligations, we still made it a priority. …

By Kim Kriesel- MSC, NCC, LAC

Once upon a time there was a woman who got pregnant the first time she tried to conceive. She enjoyed nine blissful months of a picture-perfect pregnancy. Just days after her delivery, she bounced back to fit into a size 2. The woman remained…

By Ariel Weeks-Raventos

Losing a baby is one of the worst roller coaster rides in the human experience.

Tragically, 1 in 4 pregnancies will end in a loss. From early to later term–surviving pregnancy loss is also a death to a future you had with your baby.

After my daughter…

By Vanessa Bever

There are many ways to become the recipient of unsolicited advice.

You might be casually describing a frustrating situation you experienced with your child to a friend. Instead of being met with the empathy and understanding you’re expecting, you are met with unwanted advice. …

By: Katie Marks-Cogan, M.D.

As a board-certified allergist, I’ve seen firsthand how food allergies can be inconvenient, costly and in some cases, life-threatening. Thankfully, findings from recent landmark studies have opened our eyes to new ways of thinking about allergy prevention in children. …

By Kimberly Denitz-Zuleger

From the moment you share with the world that you are pregnant, you are inundated with information on how to care for your baby or what to do in labor.

“Definitely get that epidural,” says the stranger in the Target line.

“Don’t forget to sleep while you…

Have you ever asked yourself any of the following questions:

  • Why am I so tired?
  • Where did my energy go?
  • Why do I always put others needs before mine?
  • Why don’t I find time to care for ME?

As a mom of a six-month old, I have personally asked myself…

By Caitlin Green-Cheney

What is Matrescence?

A few years into my motherhood journey, I came face-to-face with a word that changed my life. …

By Parijat Deshpande

Most of us are familiar with the notion that stress is not good for our health. Some are familiar with the idea that stress is not good for health during pregnancy, specifically. Exactly how and why is often unknown and unfamiliar. …

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