3 Audiobooks That Helped Me Grow My Money Mindset

There are two things you need in order to have the financial life you desire:

1) The belief that abundance and prosperity are for you.

2) A commitment to a solid plan to help you achieve this desire.

What some people fail to recognize is that the thoughts and beliefs we have about money strongly influence the way we live our lives and run our businesses.

We each have a money story and for many of us, our money story is a cause of many limiting beliefs that keep us from being truly successful and experiencing abundance.

Our money stories are influenced early on in childhood. How you view money right now, was heavily influenced years ago by the people you grew up around and the environment you grew up in.

Try this exercise. Ask yourself these questions:

What did you learn about money by watching your parents?

What did your parents actually tell you about money?

What is your earliest experience with money?

When you say the word “money” what imagery or words come to mind? Why?

The answers you give will help shed some light on where your money story originated.

Our money stories lead to what are called money blocks — beliefs that keep us from experiencing abundance.

Some frequently spoken money blocks include:

Money doesn’t grow on trees.

God doesn’t want us to be wealthy.

It takes a lot of work to make a lot of money.

I’m bad at paying off debt.

Saving money is a struggle.

The good news is that you can alter your money story and overcome your money blocks.

It starts by first understanding your money story, acknowledging your limiting beliefs, and truly starting to understand the relationship between your money and your success.

Here are 3 audiobooks that I recommend you read to grow your money mindset:

You Are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero

The Confidence Code: The Art and Science of Self-Assurance — What Women Should Know by Claire Shipman Katty Kay

Worthy: Boost Your Self-Worth to Grow Your Net Worth by Nancy Levin

These audiobooks are available on Audible.

Take small steps…then big leaps. Your money mindset won’t magically change overnight. But it will start to change with action and intention.