If you’re going to wallow, wallow in light.

Photo by Clarisse Meyer on Unsplash

We’re just 3 months into the year, and I’ve already had to push the reset button (twice now).

I’ve been dealing with stress and anxiety about living here in Quebec, and I’ve been feeling super disconnected from all of people and places and things that I love.

I miss the South Carolina sunshine and warmth…

the sweet tea and fried foods…

the friendly people and smiles…

my family, my friends, and even my old house.

Unfortunately, I find myself wallowing in my feelings of disconnect way too often, and I’m over it.

If I’m going to wallow in anything, I want it to be a pleasurable sensation.

It feels like I’m wallowing in mud. While this is in fact a pleasurable sensation for…let’s say…a hog or elephant, it’s not so much for me.

Me wallowing in mud = wallowing in self-pity.

(I‘m sure even the hogs would say I’m not doing it right.)

So, this past weekend I gave myself a mental timeout from the pity party I’ve been throwing.

Instead of mulling around the house, I ordered myself an energy lamp on Amazon (to combat the lack of sunshine here in good ole Quebec) and started light therapy to help improve my mood.

Practicing this little 30 minute exercise of light therapy is the best self-care I’ve given myself in weeks.

I actually feel like I’m in less of a shitty mood, even though it’s only been a few day.

Technically, I’m wallowing in light now…and it’s a a pretty effing awesome sensation.

New Goal: Find more good stuff to wallow in.

You’d think it would be easy by now for me to recognize when I’m trapped inside a pity party of my own making, but it’s still a struggle.

I’m learning though. Sometimes that just has to be enough.

My new goal is to wallow in more good stuff like light therapy, yoga, reading, dancing, baking, etc. and stop wallowing in those feelings of disconnect and negativity.

What About You?

Do you need to push the reset button on 2018 and refocus? Do you need to give yourself a mental timeout? Are you wallowing in the wrong stuff?

If the answer is yes, take action immediately and do something for yourself that gives you a little dose of joy. It goes a long way.


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