Is Competition Mode Killing Your Creative Vibe?

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Answer honestly. When you’re scrolling through Facebook or Instagram or even Medium and you see that your “competitor’s” latest post or book or product is similar to an idea that you have but never implemented, how do you feel?

No, seriously.

How do you really feel?

For me, it used to make me feel like I was in a race and that my so-called competition had just sprinted by me to the finish line.

It was a crippling feeling. And I hated it.


  • What if you’re a coach–life coach, business coach, health coach, or whatever. How do you feel when another coach in your niche launches a coaching program with almost the exact same topics targeting the exact audience as you?
  • What if you’re a YouTube vlogger, and someone beats you to the punch and makes a video on a topic that you were just about to create a video for–how does that make you feel?
  • What if you’re a Medium writer, and you spend hours crafting a post and just before you hit publish you see that so and so just posted something that look similar?
  • What if you’re an online entrepreneur–working on your first membership site–and a better-known lady boss with a bigger audience, bigger advertising budget, and a sh*t-ton more of experience than you launches a “rival” membership site revolving around the same topic? What do you honestly think about it?

For many of us, this so-called “competition” becomes an instant dream killer.

Suddenly, this great idea that once had us giddy with excitement is now null and void simply because SOMEBODY ELSE IS ALREADY DOING IT.

This behavior and mindset is a classic example of how being in competition mode is completely killing your creative vibe.

Don’t be ashamed if this describes your feelings.

It used to be exactly how I felt all the time!

But now, if I do get this unruly competitive feeling, it only lasts for a few minutes at most because I quickly tell myself this truth:

Who the hell cares if someone else is doing it already. This is not a competition!


Competition mode will always make you feel like you are 1 or 100 steps short of your goal.

It will keep you from ever being able to bring your dreams to fruition.

It’s likely that there will always be someone one step ahead of you, acting on a similar idea just before you get a chance to, and seeing results long before you even get a chance to start.

But guess what love?


There are plenty of future readers, blog subscribers, paying clients, and fans who will be there to jump on your bandwagon when you put yourself out there.

The fact of the matter is that it doesn’t really matter if there are 1000 people who have the same idea as you. Each one of those individuals will express that idea in a different way. Each one of those people will bring their experience, personality, and character to the table and draw in different audiences who will love not just what they teach but how they teach it.

Let me give you a quick example so this all makes sense:

There are a million PERSONAL FINANCE BLOGGERS out there right now — A MILLION. Many of them blog about similar topics such as budgeting, investments, and saving just to name a few categories.

Regardless of being in the same niche with similar topics, there are tons of bloggers thriving in this niche. They have businesses made up of loyal customers who love the way they deliver their message.

Generally speaking, when it comes to personal finance and any other niche, people follow other people whose stories resonate with them.

They follow people who they like and trust and make them feel a certain way about themselves.

Yes, there might be a million other businesses they could follow, but they choose you because of these intrinsic factors.


Stop believing that just because someone else is already doing something you intended to do, that you can’t move forward with your idea.

It was never a competition in the first place. Get out of competition mode and into creation mode.

Take that great idea of yours and work it!

Eff competition mode. Get in creation mode.

Be a creator and bring your ideas to life!


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