Photo by lucas Favre on Unsplash

Scared Money Don’t Make Money

This is a short story about my adventures in investing in myself and my business.

A few years ago, I convinced my husband (who is also my financial partner as we make large purchase decisions together) that I needed to invest in a $2400 training program for my business.

It was the largest educational investment that I had made in myself since investing in graduate school over a decade earlier.

No doubt, many of us know the perils of paying for a graduate degree — I’ll rant about that at another time.

Because of my experience with college debt, the thought of dishing out a few thousand bucks for another “educational program” was a scary one!

But I took a long, calculated leap and invested in the training anyway.

Without getting into too many details, let me just say that while I did learn some decent information from the training program, overall I found it to be far less helpful than I was anticipating.

I was bummed because it felt like I had wasted $2400 of our money — $2400 means a lot when you have a house, two kids, two cars, a dog and a mortgage to pay for. You know what I’m saying?

But the worst part about it is that it really discouraged me from making any other large investments in my business for a while.

But then I got to thinking about the $30,000 graduate degree that I’d invested in. You know…the one I am still paying on thanks to good ole student loans.

That’s right. I have a $30,000 graduate degree that I haven’t put to good use in a decade. Let’s just say the 2008 economic crisis was not kind to me or my career — but like I said, that’s a story (aka rant) for another day!

Anyway, I started to compare the two investments. On one hand, yes, I paid $2400 for access to a training program that didn’t fully meet my expectations, but on the other hand it did bring me a few steps closer to creating the path of financial freedom that I envision.

Also, that $2400 investment was completely paid in full (no interest ever accrued…unlike my graduate degree).

Compared to my $30,000 graduate school investment, $2400 dollars was a drop in the bucket!

With the graduate school investment, even if I would have stayed on that career path, I would have eventually hit the glass ceiling with a salary cap.

With the business training investment, at the very least, my income opportunity is endless.

My monetary efforts are totally tied to my own work efforts and ability to drive traffic and sales to my business. HUGE DIFFERENCE.

So even though I sulked about it for a while, eventually I stopped giving myself such a hard time about it.

Then, about year after the $2400 investment, I found myself contemplating another opportunity to invest in my business with in a different, less expensive training program.

I could feel the paralyzing uncertainty of past investments rising up inside of me, trying to scare me into INACTION.

A little voice whispered…

Save your money girl.

Don’t be so risky.

Be logical.

But then a louder, much sassier voice snapped back like…

Girrrrrllllll…Scared money don’t make money!

Investing in yourself is a stepping stone to success!

Significant progress requires a certain level of risk!

So, I decided to listen to the sassy voice in my head.

I decided that this new opportunity — at about 1/5 of the cost of my previous training program — was an investment of my time and money that I would be foolish not to take advantage of.

So I pretty much said eff it and signed up!

And I’m so happy I did. I ended up learning a ton of information from the program that I immediately implemented in my business.

As a result, my income increased, I made more connections in my blogging community, and I’m even more confident in my skills.

Investing in myself again meant overcoming my fears and recognizing that I’ll never win big if I’m always playing small.

Investing in yourself takes balls...and if you don’t have balls, well let’s say guts. It takes guts.

Start to think of ways you can invest in yourself and your business.

It may be a different type of investment such as hiring a life/business coach, or attending a business seminar, or going on a self-care retreat.

The point is to take action, push past the fear you may be experiencing, and go after the kind of life/business you desire.

The one thing I know for sure is that INACTION is a recipe for disaster.

It’s the fastest way to remain stuck where you are.