Trials to treatments: stem cells
Dr Beckie Port

As a university student and an aspiring biochemist, I find this page very interesting and informative. I personally know someone with Parkinson’s disease and I see the pain and struggle not only they go through, but their family. As Parkinson’s disease is a neuro-degenerative disorder that progressively worsens with time, there haven’t been much hope felt when discussing treatments. However, with this article, seeing the potential of stem cells and how it can possibly be the link cure such a debilitating disease, I feel more hopeful for the future. I appreciate the information on the Current cell-therapy clinical trials and the pros and cons of using stem cell therapy as a means of curing the disease. I am quite interested in the TRANSEURO phase 1 trial and will continue to follow the progress to see it’s results in 2019. I am also quite excited to hear that NTCELL® therapy, phase 2b trial is so far have positive results. I await the final results next year. The California based International Stem Cell Corporation is focusing on people with moderate to severe Parkinson’s, which definitely gives me hope. If they can indeed tackle to disease at its worst point and be successful, that will indeed be a huge win for the medical field. The only trial I’m not too keen on is the clinical trial in Japan that used monkeys at first to transplant the dopamine-producing brain cells. I’m honestly not a supporter of animal testing for research. However, I do hope one or more of these trials are successful and pave the future for the cure of this disease.