Positivity can unwrap that sheet of stress on your skin

Positivity does not come from outside. It is within you.
Peep into your soul and you’ll know your worth.
Why do we let the world decide our worth?
Positivity comes from the bottom of your ribs and the depth of your bones.
If you have it in you, you can conquer the world
but if negativity surrounds you, the world shall crush you at their ease.

Sometimes, we seek positivity from others. We want them to talk high of us but if they end up pulling us down, we fill our souls with despair. It is essential for you to understand that trusting yourself is the key for going rags to riches. Yes, you read it right! Fill your souls with positivity and work towards your goals. Show the world, how positivity leads to success. Yeah, it is always within you. All you have to do is trust yourself.

There are times when negativity takes over us. Inspite of trying very hard, we are unable to say goodbye to those negative thoughts, which leads to our failure. When you think negative, things never work out. Yeah, this is true. There are times, i have tasted success without working hard because i was positive towards the future and there are times i lost it all because fear of negativity took over me so it is all on you, what you choose.

Positivity will not only bring you success but also calm your mind like never before. When negativity surrounds you, it wraps your skin with stress. Once positivity takes over you, it unwraps that sheet of stress on your skin. Your mind is at ease and it makes the folds of your heart smile.
Have a positive thinking and all the good will happen with you. Yeah, positivity will now be your weapon to fight against everything that comes your way.

Karishma Anmol Kapoor
(Author , Blogger )