Produce Eco-Friendly Coal Briquettes using Briquettes Machine

At Present, Global warming is a major problem for climate of Earth. Fossil Fuel is one of the causes of Global Warming. It is a strong need to find best alternative of Fossil Fuels.
There are many alternatives available but many people are not aware of it. Briquettes are one of the Alternative fuels and it’s made from Agro -Forestry waste.

Did you know about Briquettes???

It’s made by Biomass waste pressing in Briquettes Machine. It’s made from Agricultural and Forestry waste which is easily available. Briquettes Machine press the biomass and bind it into a fuel Briquettes without adding any chemical or gum.
Briquettes are chipper than Black coal and Briquettes have high density than Black coal. Practical Thermal value of Briquettes is higher than Black coal.

Why it is called Eco-Friendly Briquettes???
Briquettes are made by using Bio waste which is only waste either it’s not recycling. So, it’s reduces waste from earth and it’s made by recycling it.
Briquettes Produce White smoke instead of Black smoke which is reduces pollution from Earth Climate.
Briquettes aren’t produce Ash and extra carbon in the air. So, it’s Eco-friendly and Non-polluting Bio fuel.
Process of Briquettes making known as Briquettes Plant Project and it’s not using any gum to bind the raw material so it’s called Binder less Technology.
Briquettes can be used in any type of Industries where Heat is needed so thermal applications of briquettes are wide. Briquette Machine Manufacturer provides a guideline of Briquettes Plant Project installation. Briquettes Machine manufacturer also Export the machine to many countries.
We Jay Khodiyar is selling and Exporting Briquettes Machine with a full support and providing a best service after sell. We also provide our Technician to guide the Briquettes Machine Buyer and teach them how to install and use the machines. Contact Us for more Details.

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