It dawned on me yesterday that this would be the first Wednesday without Henry but I was hopeful nonetheless.

I stated that when we talked on the phone last week and he was getting onto a bus that I may have confused people since he and I had talked about Henry going back to Florida.

I did offer to buy him a bus ticket, I offered once again to continue to help him find housing and employment. I just asked him to think long and hard about his choices…two days later he was kicked out of the hotel based on a bad choice.

I had no idea where he was, where he intended to go or what his decisions were so when he called me after no communication for days I asked once again.

Henry told me I along with my friends, gave him a once in a lifetime chance but he no longer wanted my help. That included a bus ticket.

His bus pass is valid until March 29th so he told me he’s just going places…I’m not sure where he was headed that day he got on the bus, but he is still in San Diego.

I mailed his birth certificate to his post office box and wrote a brief note along with sending some cash.

I asked Henry to go to a barber and get cleaned up, and told him that if he did that I would be more than happy to have him work with me today and contact the girl who offered him a job.

I showed up at the gas station with his blankets that I had washed and a two man tent I bought for him. Henry did not show up…

Oddly enough a young man named Kevin approached me and asked if he could finish washing the Jeep I was working on. He told me he used to detail cars and was confused when he realized I was actually detailing someone else’s car.

Kevin lives in his car, he had cancer and lost his job as a welder. As he was walking away he said, “I hope I see you again, our meeting one another wasn’t a coincidence.”

Today I think of Henry and hope he’s safe and doing okay roaming around our beautiful city and I will stop trying to figure out what went wrong. I had no control over what the outcome was going to be.