What is good Writing?

After briefly researching, “What is good writing?” I found out 6 good key points that any writer should keep in mind when approaching their work. The first key point is “Writing s a response”, whenever one goes to write it is always for a purpose and there will always be an audience. When one writes it is a collection of ideas that may answer a question or thought. It provides more insight to whatever the original topic may be.

The second key point is, “Writing is linear”, one’s ideas cannot just simply be scattered on a page or just randomly put together. There has to be thought behind the order in which one writes and puts his or her work together. It must be cohesive and make perfect sense for the audience to follow and be able to understand.

The third key point is, “Writing is recursive”. This simply refers to the editing process. Good writing is redone and rewritten several times before it is in its published state. Some may get discouraged because it is not perfect, but in actuality it’s a major key for good and successful writing.

The fourth key point is, “Writing is both subject and object”. In one case there is a personal element and more is revealed about the author. In the other case there is more of a formal way of writing and sticking to just the ideas on the paper, and not so much the author.

The fifth key point is, “Writing is decision making”. Before one even decides to begin writing, he or she must make a decision on what and how to write. With out making a decision the writing process cannot even begin because there is not anything to begin with.

The sixth key point is, “Writing is a process”. The beauty in writing is that one must really think through it if it is to impactful and benefit it’s audience.

All in all, this six key points: decision making, subject and object, the process, linearity, recursivness, and the process largely contribute to good and even excellent writing. Writing can come in so many different shapes and forms and forms and to have one’s writing be labeled as good, he or she should apply these points.

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