Could social media help those grieving to move forward?

Recently, a cherished family member of mine passed away unexpectedly. Her name was Bella and she was my family’s beloved dog.

Bella, the best dog in my (biased) opinion.

After saying goodbye, I had the urge to look back over every image I had uploaded of her on my social media accounts. I also felt the need to make a post commemorating her, letting people know what had happened and what she had meant to me and my family.

I couldn’t help but feel a bit guilty for these thoughts. I didn’t want to post on social media for attention, I didn’t want likes or profile views, I…

When it comes to Social Media and Cyberbullying correlation doesn’t always mean causation.


There is always something to blame. Late to class because you slept in? Your alarm wasn’t loud enough. Didn’t get your assignment done on time? The Bachelor finale was airing that night. Gabriella leaving Troy in the emotional cinematic masterpiece “Gotta Go My Own Way”? Sharpay and her meddling ways.

But when it comes to Cyberbullying the cause isn’t as clear cut.

With teen bullying migrating online and the terrible effects it is having on victims, people are beginning to wonder how we can combat this issue…

Karissa Simpson

I spend 80% of my time laughing 10% studying and 20% going against the norm (and defying simplistic maths).

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