I, me, moi — I am the opposition.
Carl Sandburg

I agree the marketplaces need work, real Congressional work, not what they’ve been passing off as the business of policy-making. Costs need to be addressed, not just insurance coverage. However, I work directly in public health and the ACA came with an investment in public health initiatives. My state, Nevada, would see significant infrastructure and public health improvements and projects stall or be scrapped completely if they rescind the Prevention and Public Health Fund. Meanwhile, the latest from the House budget committee still includes significant, though not Admin proposed levels of cuts to the CDC. While I understand the states should be funding more of their own initiatives, that’s just not realistic in the short-run, and I am in the position of watching people suffer for these decisions made in DC. I know I’m a bleeding heart, but I don’t think a little more compassion and thought into the healthcare issue is asking too much.

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