Andela Boot Camp Day Two: Reaching Out

Today was quite a wonderful day.

One thing about myself is that I am very shy and an introvert. So when it comes to collaboration, I could be the weakest point. But to day I found myself reaching out, asking for help and helping where I can. I woke up and the first tab I opened was slack and messaged several of my colleagues about their progress.

Today my personality was greatly challenged. There is a reason why collaboration has contributed so much to many of the innovations and products we enjoy today. Reaching out for help for some us was a major issue and we have to plan for it.

I have however learnt that for one to grow, you do need people who are pursuing the same growth as you. They may pursuing it differently, but that’s the point of it all, coming together with different solutions and finding the optimal one.

Indeed, growth does not just happen, it has to be made to happen, and one way is through collaboration. Reach out and ask, growth and wisdom and knowledge comes to those who ask.

What a fruitful day. #GrowingThroughCollaborating