It has been a great first day in the bootcamp for all my fears are past me. Iwas very tense while making the video call today but it really turned out to e a great one hour. Igot to interact with my fellows and met with our LFA who sounds like a nice person to interact with, share ideas and guidance.

Bootcamp really is challenging but its a step in the right direction if one wants to be a great developer come one day. Passion drew me to this cause and i decided to test the waters and at the moment am a bit challenged but am up for it.

Joining Andela wasn't part of my dream since it came to existence a few years ago and i started dreaming a little under two decades ago. but currently it is a dream am wiling to pursue and do myself proud. the love for it has grown in me since i was a fun of PC games and i think that’s what ignited the flame to lv technology.

Am happy that the first day has ended well even though some challenges evolved i know ill be in a better place to tackle them come the next day. I've made friends and learning has never been this easier. Thanks to Andela and the team behind it.

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