Discovery of Shankha in my own world

Few days back, I discovered how to play a shankha. I won’t say I learnt, because there is no one around to teach me this. Being a Punjabi grown up boy, I have a family ‘pious by nature of fear instead of love’. If I were born in a Brahmin family, I could have been learnt to play a shankha in my initial years. Although that too would have been through the nature of profession, instead of love for that almighty creator.

There was always a seed of curiosity in my mind for playing a shankha. I read a lot about this music instrument, where people labeled it as a good mouth exercise and a well-beneficial physical effort. But when I discovered it on my own, I realized how playing a shankha is moreover a mental exercise rather than a physical one.

Shankha on its basic form works on a simple technique that is the direction of the sound. Unlike other mouth organ musical instruments it doesn’t work on the principle of amount of air forced into it. Air with a fixed technique is important.

I was trying hard from past few months. Filling the maximum air out of my breath into a shankha. Even with different sizes and in different places I couldn’t make it. All I could manage was a few beats coming out devastatingly by mistake. I was still very far of reaching there on a success plane.

With losing all my breath out, in a heavy physical effort I was about to quit my curiosity. Then came a time in life when Lord Shiva showed me the light, and that light followed me to success.

Today, I can proudly say with all proofs and analysis that playing a shankha is a mental exercise. It doesn’t need heavy amount of air to force into it. All it needs is the mental stability, peace and concentration. Yes, playing a shankha enhances these too in a human body.

For playing a shankha, one need to read, analyze and direct the breath. It’s really a cool exercise that gives peace to the body. You don’t even lose your breath for even a second if you go through this principle.

Subsequently, all this emphasize on the importance of ‘thinking before doing anything’. Through playing a shankha on regular intervals, we can master our breath. And by that I literally mean ‘we can control the pace and direction of our own breadth’. That helps in increasing concentration power as well.

Shankha is like a sanjivni-booti for people like us, who spend maximum share of a day in stress. And the sound is mesmerizing too, and mind-it! ‘It’s a cool trend as well’.

By Akash Khanna
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