In and out

All her life, she searched for a home
For corners, for crevices, to creep into 
All her life, she tried to fit in
Into places, into houses, into groups, 
For the eluding feeling, for the missing meaning
For a sense of belonging, for a puzzle to fit into

Becoming a key to a lock, an answer to a question
She found her place in stories, in lives
Blending into something, bleeding into someone
Shaping herself out, squeezing herself in
And fit she would, like a plug in a hole
Every single where but within

Until the lives changed, until the stories fell apart
An uncolored image, squeezed out of the frame
A misfitting cork, popped out of the bottle
Round holes would start turning into squares
But the pegs would remain ever the same

All her life, she felt missing
From stories and lives and every little thing
All her life, she felt missing
Starting with her very own soul within

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