The road around the bend

Like disturbed strands of hair waving lazily
The tired body floats about, unable to rest, yet…
Like the messy leaves scattered on the forest floor
The turbulent thoughts are stuck at their roots
No wind to shuffle them around
No mood to ruffle them about

Like a flying spark across the starry sky
The excitement shoots fast and fades slow, yet…
Like the moon hung above from the threadless night
The nestled fears and regrets remain suspended within
No way to let them go
No room to add one more

Like the burning wick with a tiny flame
The desire roars inside the faint little heart, yet…
Like the bruised toddler fresh from the fall
The fires fade away as the fears fire away
No fodder to keep them burning
No desire to keep them afire

Like the path that bends, hiding around the corner
The story remains untold… a lock unopened, yet…
Like a coin tossed up, however much high and far
The page turns back… like a recurring destiny
The lock opens up… only to close soon after
Nowhere to begin, no place to end
Just the road behind you beginning around the bend