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How to Craft Brilliant Contently Video Content for Only 30k

Video content can do one of two things for a company: generate massive and lasting value, or provide a bottomless sinkhole for your cash. The deciding factor? Story (duh). Because as Spiderman once said (or was it a UK Parliament member in 1817? Or the BIBLE?!):

With great power comes great responsibility.

So with that in mind, let’s figure out how exactly 30k worth of video could be put to good use for a company that has become the definition of original content.

  1. Documentary Short Film. At it’s core, Contently pushes the boundaries of the way stories are told — and what better way to do that than documenting a freelance investigative reporter sponsored by The Contently Foundation? From start to finish, we’d learn about the reporter, why he picked this passion project, the subject, and why this story needs to be heard.
  2. Original Story: The Freelancer. Part character-study, part testimonial, we dive into the life of one of the many top notch freelancer writers working with Contently. How it’s impacted their career, what they do, how they do it, and why they’re so damn passionate about creating brilliant stories. This serves a twofold purpose: it showcases the top tier talent Contently provides companies, and rewards freelancers for their amazing work. Oh, and it could potentially grow into a quarterly highlight.
  3. Client Case Study. An old classic with a ‘new’ twist: let the client talk about what Contently has allowed them to do, not what Contently DID. We can read about that. But an excited client raving about all the new opportunities they’re able to tackle with their time now freed up? That’s worth watching.
  4. Contently: The One, The Only. Built from the ground up on a philosophy that quality wins over quantity, Contently has created a unique work environment where, oddly enough, it’s employees LOVE BEING THERE. They play soccer, they’re creative, they battle over what music they play in the office — it’s a place any creative would kill to work at. Top tier talent, eat your heart out.

Please note that I’ve not consulted with Contently personally on any of the above ideas. But if they had a 30k video content production budget, I think they might do pretty well with it.

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