Be Independent

It’s the music industry. What once was a $14.6 billion industry, is now a $6.3 billion dollar industry.

Due to the rising number of independent artists, more of the revenue is going directly to artists vs the record labels. The artists dream used to be “get discovered, sign a record label, and live happily ever after. Thanks to the rise of the “Internet Era” and artists like Soulja Boy, Drake, and Macklemore, there is now an alternative blueprint. While Drake and Soulja Boy may have signed major deals, it’s no doubt their blueprint is prevalent for ANY AND ALL independent artists. Nowadays, you have to already be a star, commonly from the internet, and THEN a label will notice. That’s good news because that means literally ANYBODY has a legit shot at living out their music dream. Now independent is the way to be. That’s the most lucrative path in the long run.

If you’re an aspiring artist of any genre from alternative rock to hip, 9 times out of 10, you’re an independent artist.

If you’re an independent artist, upcoming, or arrived, I’m sure you struggle with what EVERY independent artist I’ve ever met struggles with YOU DONT ALWAYS KNOW WHERE TO FIND PRODUCTION (Graphic Designers, Videographers, Mix & Mastering, Studio Time, etc). Or maybe you need a manager, someone who handles bookings, or a promotion team but don’t have the immediate capital to afford those things.

All that’s over now, Meet “ Label Bot” your personalized virtual assistant.

LabelBot can make anything happen:

  • Book a recording session a recording studio within a custom mile radius and a custom price range, NO MATTER YOUR BUDGET!
  • Book Photographers within a custom mile radius and price range. NO MATTER YOUR BUDGET!
  • Find Graphic Designers fit to YOUR BUDGET!
  • Connection to appropriate distribution ( ITUNES, SPOTIFY, AMAZON, TIDAL, GOOGLE PLAY MUSIC)
  • Integrated Uber support (Transportation no longer an excuse)
  • And Much More…

LabelBot can also handle the basics better than any personal assistant or manager:

  • Email, Phone, SMS
  • Personal Calendar and Work Calendar
  • Coordinating with other artists and managers
  • Making and receiving purchases (e.g. features, shows, beats, etc)
  • Travel management (Uber, Flights, etc)
  • And Much More…

Now you can be independent. Now you have everything you may need, whether you’re a producer, manager, promoter or graphic designer, THIS IS THE TOOL FOR YOU!

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