Insurance is one of society’s fundamental products.

Through a variety of payment, indemnity, and cost-sharing mechanisms, insurance protects processes, businesses, assets, and even the value of human life. The migration of these products to the blockchain feels simultaneously sporadic and inevitable, which can be tremendously frustrating for participants and investor-spectators alike. …

If you’re looking for a financial regulation blog, stop here. There’s lots being written on that topic from regulators themselves, people drafting proposed regulation, administrative law experts who believe blockchain will die on that peculiar hill, and by friends and colleagues of mine. I’m talking about blockchain law as an area of instruction, an area of practice, and an area of urgent concern. If you’re still interested, read on.

Blockchain Law: A Much-Needed Area of Instruction

My law students in past years had thought my interest in blockchain was amusing, even funny. When I presented a slide on Ethereum in…

Karl T. Muth
CEO, FRST Corporation

Long Ago at UChicago

One of the courses that changed the path of my life was 33111, Microeconomic Analysis of Policy Issues, with Gary Becker and Kevin Murphy at the University of Chicago. Becker had recently published a now well-known op-ed about organ donations and began the lecture with something I’ve always remembered and will paraphrase here: We [economists] draw conclusions from analysis, but most people draw conclusions from stories.

In other words, no matter how rich, or compelling, or unexpected the conclusion the data endorses, it won’t connect with most audiences (even sophisticated…

Karl T. Muth

CEO of FRST, investor in various early-stage ventures, teacher at Northwestern, and tweeter at @karlmuth.

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