Fitter. Happier. More productive. Working remotely.
Quincy Larson

I am totally on board with this. I had the opportunity to work from home for a couple years and MISS IT DEARLY. I am a web developer and can work pretty much anywhere with an internet connection so I am totally one of the people being talked about in this article.

At my office job, I have less time, I am WAY more stressed out, and usually less productive usually due to general office distractions.

Working remotely isn't a holiday either, at least at first anyway. Making sure that the lines between work and not work dont start to blur is the first lesson you learn, but then you set boundaries for yourself. As long as you can maintain control on your self compulsions to watch tv in your pajamas all day, its an awesome experience.

I found that after the first week I fell into a routine of being up around 8, getting ready for my day, which included breakfast which never happens when working at an office. Then Sitting down and being able to actually focus until lunch at noon, then diving right in at 1 until 5.

The other benefits are huge. One of my favorite things was I moved to Toronto just before starting this remote job, so I would find a new coffee shop to work from every day. This is how I explored the majority of the downtown hub that first fall. Winter is great because you can stay home and not have to worry about the crazyness that was outside. During the Summer I even took my phone and tethered my laptop to it and worked in a park for a couple days. Which although was fun, was kind of expensive lol.

Outside of work I found that I just had more time for everything. Spending time with friends, working out, cleaning etc. The working out and cleaning were easy because if I needed a break from coding, Id go and say.. do the dishes or whatever.

The short version of this is, it can work, it does work, it is awesome. But a lot of it depends on you and how your self control is lol.

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