Blonyx and strength cycling

I am a big fan of testing and obtaining data in my training, which is one of many reasons why I love CrossFit. Like many people who train regularly, be that in a gym, at home or at a box I have tried creatine at some point or another, it’s the most commonly used supplement and is relatively cheap. I had originally gone with a basic and cheap brand of creatine and to be honest had never seen or felt much difference or results.
 I started to hear good things about Blonyx and saw first-hand athletes at the CF17 box with some noticeable gains and so decided to see for myself.

The Blonyx HMB+Creatine has since become a staple in my supplementation and is a product I highly rate, I found after 2–3 weeks there was an increase in muscle mass, most noticeably at arms, chest and shoulders. I also found my recovery felt better and my strength on the heavy lifts just felt good, damn good! Loading up the bar became more and more fun.

So being happy with initial results and going into month 3 I decided to test the Blonyx alongside a strength cycle and get some solid numbers. I went with the Wendler 5/3/1 strength cycle, simple, hugely popular and praised amongst many athletes from numerous training methods. 
 The Wendler cycle is 4 weeks, after two cycles I have hit numerous PB’s
 Back squat +5kg (145kg)
 Front squat +5kg (135kg)
 Dead Lift +3kg (185kg)
 Strict press +3kg (68kg)
 C&J +3kg (115kg)
 Snatch +3kg (88kg) 
 One other improvement I noticed was with strict handstand push up work, for a long time HSPU’s had been my kryptonite in CrossFit yet since taking the Blonyx my max effort Strict HSPU started at 2 reps and is now at 6 reps.
 Other benefits of the Blonyx HMB+Creatine I have noticed other than the numbers are an improved recovery, it has also helped me build and maintain muscle mass, I have always a hard gainer and built weight very slowly even when eating like a Viking! With the Blonyx I have seen consistent gain from 86kg to 91kg all without a loss of definition or water retention. 
 Ultimately Blonyx has helped me to keep pushing and break through PBs as well as leaving me feel strong and lean, I do not take much supplementation at all, but Blonyx is something I won’t be without now, I recommend it to a lot of other athletes and have seen the same gains in them as in myself.
Blonyx is your ticket for the gains train! All aboard!