Mom’s Soup

Chop! Chop! Slice! Clack! The sweet sounds of vegetables getting dismantled and beheaded for my own convenience. The water bowling behind me is making the room warmer. Plop! Plop! I drop some meatballs in water to give them a head start.

Now it’s a waiting game, it’s always a waiting game with this kind of the thing, which is the worst part. The thing standing between you and that warm comforting feeling in your stomach is time.

As more time passes, I decided its time to stab through one of those darn meatballs that take up so much time. It feels good to have that fork go right through it because it means the time has come. The time has come to boil up those dismantled and beheaded veggies that took so much blood and tears to complete. Blood from my cut finger that got sliced as the knife I was using slipped from my hand and the tears came from chopping those darn onions that burn my eyes and nose every single time, but it’s ok because in the end it’s all going to be worth it.

Finally everything is together- the meatballs, the veggies so now the waiting game continues. The boiling water continues to warm up the room and fog up my kitchen window. My patience is getting tested as more time passes and the smell from the soup hits me like a ton of bricks and burying me deep into a cloud of veggie and meatball fantasy.

But at last my creation is complete and it’s time to satisfy my grumbling stomach’s needs. I pour my creation into a plate and take it to the secret chamber, my room. As mentally prepare myself to have the first spoonful, my anxiety rises, my palms start to sweat, I couldn’t wait any longer.

As I have that first spoonful my taste buds go into another dimensions and transport me into my mom’s dining room. I look around me and there I was sitting in that dining room, with my mom’s huge floral centerpiece and I look to my right and there she was, the woman of the hour, the one who gave me the recipe that changed my life, my mom. She looked over and smiled, as I finished my first spoonful, I am brought back to reality. I look around me and there I was, back in my room.

This is the best part of the entire process, with every spoonful I have I get teleported back home and that warm comforting feeling is satisfied. You don’t get this experience from just anything; it takes a very special meatball and veggie soup from mom to give you this feeling.

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