Christian Vargas’ style evolution inspired by underground scene

It all started with Calvin Klein.

Now, Christian Vargas towers over the average student wearing a dark blue silk pajama top and weathered Timberland boots.

The underground music scene consisting of EDM and techno, which Vargas started frequenting two years ago, has inspired his style.

In this scene, Vargas found that he wanted to create a different identity to separate his school and party persona. He also found vendors to acquire his clothes from.

“Usually when I go out to concerts, I like to separate a school identity from going out and have a party type identity, because I feel like in your head you separate the two and you feel free from all the studying.”

At music events, Vargas goes by Ziggy, like the man on the “Zig Zag” rolling papers emblem.

He started to notice that vendors at events were selling clothes at high prices, so he opted instead to buy thrifted clothes.

“[Thrift shops] have a lot of stuff that a lot of merchandisers are now vending, but this really nice clothing that fits my style is about $150 to $300 a piece, which is really hard to afford so it’s a lot of make your own stuff and finding old [pieces].

Vargas is wearing Earth Walker Timberland boots that retail $130. Vargas said that he would like to resole the shoes since he has formed an attachment to them.

This all started for Vargas in the summer of 2015, where he pieced together an all white Calvin Klein ensemble.

“I started dressing really beach-y and tropical, lots of breezy shirts and long flowing shirts. [The first outfit that built my style was an all white Calvin Klein outfit, which was tropical Havana pants.

“White on white got me into the style I’m into now.”

Although there’s color in his style now, Vargas expressed that he is toying with the black clothing he used to wear when he was part of the emo scene.

“Being in the emo scene, you could see that band members had grown up and everyone was evolving to this style where it’s spiritual and making yourself look like a god and walking around feeling like you do what you do for yourself and it helps everyone else.

“I’ve seen that a lot in people in the scene go into rockabilly or went the spiritual route,” he said.

“It’s like everyone is growing up together.”

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