Clothing choices don’t define whether a woman is a feminist

A bolero jacket, a famous actress’ chest and ignorance all lead to a road of disgrace, this week.

Actress and activist Emma Watson raised the ire of many when she wore a white Burberry bolero jacket that draped over her bare breasts for a spread in Vanity Fair.

Critics resorted to their favorite pass time activity, discrediting feminism and getting it wrong while they were at it.

Watson was accused of being a fake feminist for her lack of undergarments, proving once again that people tend to put their hands over their ears when the real definition of feminism is discussed to further police women.

The Harry Potter star has done more for women all over the globe than you and I, having been active for years speaking up for equal rights.

She is the United Nations Women Goodwill Ambassador, which advocates for women’s empowerment.

According to UN Women, Watson has also promoted girl’s education, fair trade and organic clothing as an ambassador for Camfed International.

If anyone has a clear understanding of what feminism is and how it helps both men and women, it is Watson.

Feminism encourages women to wear whatever article of clothing they so choose or as least as possible, as long as it is a woman’s conscious choice.

Feminism advocates for all the sexes and genders to embrace any form of clothing, whether it is gender-neutral suits or stepping out in short shorts and a bikini top.

There is an outdated notion that women that dress in revealing clothing are worth less.

There is an even more outdated notion that women who dress this way can’t by any means be feminists, because feminists don’t objectify themselves.

On the contrary, women’s chests need to be desexualized instead of being shamed for the way women choose to express themselves through clothing.

Men who have identified themselves as feminist, such as Ezra Miller or Joseph Gordon Levitt have appeared shirtless in photo shoots before and no one batted an eye.

Fashion is a powerful way of expression and the clothing you wear does not define your values.