ASCC President elect defies norms and wins election

“You’re a girl, so you have to try harder.”

For President Elect Karen Patron, the age old adage was all too familiar when she decided to run for ASCC president.

“They told me that it was going to be very hard for me because I was a female and because usually because when females run, it has to be against males.

“Men tend to be more competitive and as a female you have to have to look the part, you really do, at least that is what they emphasized when I ran for this, so I was very upset in the beginning,” she said.

Patron’s concern lied in not wanting to change herself in order to get the position.

“People know me, I dress like a tomboy and if I need to dress up I will […] but every day basis I’m in my hat and pants and tee-shirts. That’s how I do work,” she expressed.

The president elect stated that as of lately she has been experimenting with her clothes and dressing the part.

“[…]It’s everybody, that’s how they take you more seriously in the end.”

Patron counts the platforms she ran on and how she’s going to achieve her goals with the help of her running mate, David Ramirez.

Patron added with modesty that the presidential race wasn’t overly difficult.

She ran on a platform of increasing Wi-Fi coverage, increasing library hours and promotion of student engagement.

“Unless you knew a write in candidate, the only choice was myself and my running mate David Ramirez. It was a little disappointing in a sense because people weren’t really encouraged to vote.”

She noted that people responded to her with “You’re the only one running, why should I vote for you,” bringing a new set of challenges.

“I didn’t like that, at the end of the day you still need to vote because I can’t win without votes regardless if I’m running against someone on the ballot or against a write-in candidate.”

Patron walked away from the race being the first woman ASCC president in five years.

Current ASCC President Saul Lopez speaks on what is next for him as he transfers inside Student Activities office. Lopez stated he will continue in student government at a four-year institution.

Current ASCC President Saul Lopez said, “What I’m expecting from her is to do the best that she can, a lot of people put unrealistic expectations on not only student body presidents but on our leadership and sometimes we put expectations on people and it is unfair.

“[She] has to govern 21,000 students adn that is a big task. There is no right way of doing it and there’s no certain way to dot it and all I expect of her is for her to her best.”

Lopez talks about his experiences as ASCC president and discusses the challenges ahead for incoming president Patron.

“[…] I expect for her to do what she promised when she campaigned and then in the year, if there’s any regrets, make sure that there are few of them.”

Incoming and outgoing ASCC Presidents currently share their workspace. Their office is located inside the Student Activities office.