So yeah, the pandemic. That didn’t need a lengthy intro, did it?

I admit the first few days for me was difficult, but eventually, I got the hang of it. Let this hyperactive extrovert teach you how to keep your sanity intact during self-isolation. I know you need it, too. 🙂

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(Photo by Allie Smith — The model is not me. )

1. Remember that lots of people on self — isolation are still in shock, anxious, lonely, and (most likely) are financially unprepared.

Let me be frank with you: not everyone can be an entrepreneur.


Or will be a good entrepreneur.

Or want to be an entrepreneur.

…and that’s why most people are NOT entrepreneurs.

Despite its endless romanticization.

(And don’t even get me started on the statistics about businesses failing on the first 3 years.)

There are a lot of factors in play. The biggest ones for me are:

♦️personality types

♦️mental resilience

♦️physical limitations

♦️childhood and upbringing

♦️geographical birth lottery (where you were born, the economy of the country, political landscape, etc.)

Sure there a select few who beat one, two, or all of these shit, but you know they’re aberrations. …

I’m so happy you’re an employee, because you need to be an employee…a good one.

I graduated college at 19, so I was a bright-eyed teenager who had high ambitions but tried to do it by not putting in enough work. I wanted the shortcut. I wanted to be an entrepreneur right away.

To be honest, sometimes I think I would have become a better entrepreneur if I was, actually, a better employee.

On my first job (admin assistant), I played poker every night so I would come on time, but then steal some sleep in the bathroom. One time I fell asleep on my desk. …


Karla Stefan Singson

stories and lessons from a hyperactive serial entrepreneur who thrives on dark humour, dark chocolate, and schadenfreude

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