IA#5 : Reflections on The Monuments Men

When i was watching The Monuments Men, I was really admiring the perseverance of these group of soldiers that served in the army by Collecting different art forms mostly around Europe during the World War 2, It also amazed me by how these people value the Artworks so much to the point that they’d give up their own lives just to be able to save not even a human being but an object instead. It just shows how Important art is and that we should also Value and help preserve the essence of Artworks and their different meanings because to some people, They’re not just a regular painting or a simple sculpture, They’re far more than that and because of this, It opened my mind and made me realize that we can also try to contribute in saving artworks just by being able to value them.

The film was made in a way that everything that they do is real and have been really done during the WW2, It felt like I was part of the film when i was watching it. The cast have been suited for their roles appropriately. The Production and design of the film also did very well because of the Correct use of Costumes, Props and Place of Events including the Scenes. The way that the Cast acted was very overwhelming. I will never forget the reaction of george clooney when he was able to see and recover the Maddona in a cart. It was one of the best reactions i have seen in a film.

I think that if the Philippines had the same concept of having Monuments Men during the World War 2, Our country would have also contributed to the artworks that has been saved and We would also be related to the important events during this Era because of the Abundance of artworks that might have been saved by our fellow filipinos if ever that happened in the past. I believe that there is also a need for us to have a Monuments men in our armed forces today because our artworks here in the philippines, specially the famous and classic paintings, have become limited since the day when Americans bombed manila and a lot of famous works was lost. Futhermore, Since our famous artworks are now limited, Another factor on why we need monuments men in our armed forces today is for us to be able to still Protect and Value the remaining artworks that can be seen here in the Philippines.

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