Be More Discerning

Many people react to conflict.
Leaders respond.

Here’s the difference; leaders take the time to study and observe so that they can be more discerning in their decision-making. They are careful and deliberate about what they allow into their lives. This minimizes distraction; however, it also provides a guide to follow when chaos arrives.

Good leaders can’t avoid chaos, but they can manage it.
Lousy leaders invite chaos and then often get swallowed up by it.

When you are discerning, you create a set of standards for yourself, and you operate within those standards. Some consider that boring.
It can be.
It’s also effective.
Would you rather have exciting an exciting and ineffective leader or a staid and effective one?

Perhaps you can become more discerning, starting with your choice of leaders.

Originally published at Karl Bimshas Consulting.