Thankless Roles

There are many thankless roles in life, but I take them unconditionally, knowing praise comes in tiny doses.

Like a phone call from my daughter, who’s “killing it” across the country on her own, or my son making sound ethical decisions.

It comes from small notes of appreciation, tiny acts of generosity and insight delivered to me with love.

I feel the harvest when seeds of counsel given, bloom into ahas several months later. I don’t need the credit; my personal equity grows when others finally “get” what has eluded them.

It can be bittersweet, building a life that revels in aiding the success of others. Many take the path of material wealth, and then knowing the burden of possession, shift to one of significance and building a life of greater meaning.

In the first half, I have defaulted to significance. I play the long game. It doesn’t eliminate FOMO or petty jealousy. It doesn’t replace fleeting moments of anger, sadness, or passion. What it does is create perspective and a far clearer vision.

A sober, stoic, aloof and discerning nature does not make for vibrant photographs, compelling videos, nor good marketing — personally or professionally. What it does do is make art possible, dreams less ephemeral, goals achievable, and lives better.

Originally published at Karl Bimshas Consulting.