How’s Your Customer Lovelife?


Do you think your customers are infatuated with you, or are you delusional?

Reminder, your client, is the person, or persons, who decide to do business with you and your organization. You have internal and external customers. Your external customers usually have more choices than your internal ones, and they are driven to pick the service, product, or solution that provides the best value. Some, sometimes many, choose you. Repeatedly.

How do you show them your appreciation?

Do you love your clients?

Do they know? Have you explicitly told them? More importantly, have you shown them? Words are cheap. Intention is nice; action is better.

Can your clients count on you when they need you?

Do they count on you? Do they need you? Really?

Are you quick to help your clients?

Do you offer suggestions or solutions that benefit them even if the best solution doesn’t benefit you?

Are you easy to do business with?

Are you and your team happy to greet your clients, or do you make them feel like they are an imposition to your work?

Do your clients trust you?

How do you know? Do you trust them?

Do you provide your clients with solutions that fit their needs at the right price?

Be honest, have you ever felt over appreciated? I doubt it. Everyone could stand to feel more admiration and respect. Start with your clients, both internal and external. Show them some love. Today is a great day to start.

Originally published at Karl Bimshas Consulting.