Three Words

Choose three words. With three words you can set a theme for your year without all the P-measures, R-measures, KPI’s, parental or religious guilt, and anything else that has made planning your year feel like a burden, instead of the optimistic fun it should.

Your theme becomes your personal mantra, and keeps you focused on your goal(s) for the next twelve months.

Using a few simple words is practically Zen compared to a cacophony of metrics and graphs — which will come later, but will be refreshingly relevant.

If no words immediately resonate for you, here’s a prompt.

▫️Pick one of your values.
▫️Pick on of your skills.
▫️Pick one of your aspirations.

Don’t like it? Choose different words. It is your theme; it doesn’t have to fit a logical formula, nor do they have to make sense to other people. Your theme only has to work for you.

Mine are: Prefer • Fortify • Maximize

What are yours?

Originally published at Karl Bimshas Consulting.