Turning A New Page

Growing up I used to write screenplays all the time, from comedy to failed attempts at drama I always loved writing original stories and characters.

A script from ‘Nostalgia’ a Frankie Short vieweable at https://youtu.be/yXlVo-JGckc

As time went on though I became undisciplined, just because I wasn’t writing for any other purpose than pleasure I took lots of time on each project.

A page from an un-filmed script from 2009.

At first this was great as I could spend lots of time perfecting a script, but after a while that just turned into spending lots of time not writing and the bare minimum actually working on scripts.

Notes for a final Frankie film, a project in production from 2010 until 2014 and currently on hiatus.

The quality of my work took a big hit and for a little while I stopped writing all together, as of January though this has all changed. I got a new notepad and have been writing a little every day.

My notebook for jotting down ideas on the go.

Stories, Film ideas, Lyrics and even Random Thoughts all go into this book.

Anything and everything goes into this book.

By doing little bit often it has served as a great tool in not only improving my writing quality but improving my discipline when it comes to writing.

A short lyrics and poem, just one example of my work in this notepad.

I hope soon to show you some of the things I have been working on soon.

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