The Top 10 Reasons Life Would be Awful Without Wine

These results are taken from a completely fake study, made up imaginary adults aged between 35–55 yrs.

  1. Nightly uninterrupted sleep
  2. Experiencing a smaller waistline and weight loss
  3. Increased energy throughout the day
  4. Being better equipped to deal with stress
  5. More patience with your partner and kids
  6. Being able to remember why you had a good night
  7. Knowing if there is still real conversation left in your relationship
  8. Finding out if your friends are interesting after all
  9. Realising how funny you really are
  10. Having more money to spend on all the things you really want

Lots of us are living in a state of limbo through self-medicating with wine on a daily basis.

How much more productive could your life and relationships be if you cleared the wine fog from your head?

Go wine free for a month and put as much positive energy into every aspect of your life as you can.

Know for sure that everything you think and feel only a daily basis is real!

Karl Frew

Freedom Fitness

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