A Software Developer’s New Year Resolution

It’s that time of the year again where many of us set goals for ourselves. Whether it’s to lose weight, travel, experience something new or lose weight, there’s never a shortage of resolutions that we would want to achieve.

As a developer, there are plenty of things that you’d want to achieve in the new year — learn a new language or framework, build that application you’ve been putting off all year, etc; but we rarely think about improving our soft skills like communication.

Getting Out of My Comfort Zone

Developers have a bad rap when it comes to communicating irl, and I understand the importance of good communication skills in the tech industry.

As someone who grew up in a sheltered environment while attending a school that emphasized more on following rather than discourse, I lagged behind when it comes to coming out from my communication bubble.

Full Steam Ahead

Ever since moving to Canada at the age of 14, I slowly stepped out of my bubble as Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon. To me, that was uncharted territory but I didn’t falter at the sight of uncertainty, and went full steam ahead.

I know that I still have ways to go before I can be fully comfortable. I still have trouble with smalltalk. This year, my new year resolution is to improve my communication skills.

For all the sheltered people out there, it’s alright to be afraid but don’t let that fear stop you from reaching your full potential.