Until next time.

On August 16, 2016 — the 2016 Las Vegas Bank of America Student Leaders said goodbye for one last time as the program came to an official end.

Here was the day in photos:

Walking to Mon Ami Gabi for lunch inside Paris Las Vegas.

It was an especially nostalgic day: one of our Bank of America Student Leaders, Kendrick Peterson, was leaving off to Notre Dame that night. The want to hang out for as long as we could, together, was more extreme than it always had been.

Inside Mon Ami Gabi, in the Paris Las Vegas, Kendrick Peterson (left) and Rohini Mandal (right) break bread together.

Funny thing about Las Vegas — is that you’ve got to expect the unexpected. While we broke bread and talked about our Washington D.C. journeys together, the casino fire alarm went off.

You’d think tourists and locals alike would stand up and evacuate the place, but think again. Although I was worried, no one stood up. Everyone in the restaurant continued to enjoy their escargot!

At the end of our lunch, our awesome Bank of America mentors, William White and Dan Giraldo, surprised us with tickets to enjoy a ride together on the LINQ High Roller.

We were all very excited.

Waiting in line for the LINQ High Roller.
Rohini (right) showing Dan (left) a few Pokemon around the area on her phone.
Before entering the LINQ High Roller!
Another angle?
(From left to right) Rohini Mandal, Michael Sorkin, Karl Catarata, Kendrick Peterson, Lin Martinez.
Smiles before a new start; smiles to a great summer!
“It’s my city, my city, childhood, my life, that’s right”
550 feet up above Paradise, Nevada.
Keep it moving forward.
Until next time.

This summer has been absolutely life changing.

Thank you to Bank of America, and to my fellow Las Vegas Student Leaders:

  • Kendrick — I wish you the best of luck at Notre Dame. When you visit back here in Las Vegas for your orthodontist appointment, let the #Vegas team know so we can sit with you to catch up at your orthodontist’s waiting room.
  • Lin — I’m so excited to be seeing you around UNLV. I know I just saw you yesterday, but I’m glad our future is bright together at UNLV College of Liberal Arts. You’re so amazing and filled with life. See you tomorrow for our first day of university! Don’t get caught catching too many Pokemon, now.
  • Rohini and Mike — You two are literally the smartest youthful high school students. From helping me with tests, to complex math — you two are literally a gift sent from above. Best of luck with your senior year of high school tomorrow. Don’t let anyone forget why you were chosen to be a Bank of America Student Leader.

It’s been a great summer. With college starting tomorrow, let us not forget to serve, inspire, and change wherever life takes us.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, Karl Catarata is a graduate of the Valley High School International Baccalaureate Program. Previously, he has spent 4 years in various leadership roles across California and Nevada. In his spare time, he is an author, community leader, poet, and writer. He is currently studying at UNLV for his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, with a minor in Leadership & Civic Engagement. Stay in touch with Karl’s adventures by following him on Twitter.