Kim Kardashian Bends Space and Time to Fuck Prince Zuko and Uncle Iroh

Chapter 1: The Song

Kim Kardashian sat in the corner booth of the Jasmine Dragon, eyeing the aged tea master in the back of the shop. The upper-crust citizens of Ba Sing Se populated the luxe tea shop, all happily sipping the variety of teas: a legendary selection of pu-erhs, silver needles, jasmines, all brewed to perfection. The scents of the teas filled the air and gave the shop a distinct, earthy smell — so much so that the very act of walking inside the shop felt sensual and overwhelming.

Chapter 2: Zuko

Zuko had been walking for hours. Trying to clear his head. He was frustrated. Angry. Furious.

Chapter 3: Iroh

After sundown, Kim pushed open the door of the Jasmine Dragon. It was unlocked, and Iroh stood quietly sorted teas at the back counter.



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