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Corporate Identity, Fall 2017

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Project 3: Museum Logo
Project 2: Olympic Bid Logo
Project 1: We Stand Together
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Restaurant logo

Final presentation

Project5: identity system

read and respond:

i really like the Bolivia redesign. the old one looked like it could be from a kids show and it is way to busy. the new logo has so much going for it and it is a beautiful mark. they explain that the patterns are from textiles from that country. i do think the colors could have been a little better but i like the mark in one solid color. i also like that they kept the typography simple and clean and made the A have that triangle to relate back to the mark.

i did not like the Unomaly brand redesign. this word is a weird word that not everyone will recognize right away and that typeface makes it even harder to read and understand. the company is an IT company and they look for anomalies in software and i like that the only one pushed the U up to signal that it is an anomaly. in the article they talked about how the new logo looks more at the back end development and yes i guess it does that but just the fact that it is only a word mark and it is hard to read and understand makes me not like it.

i really like Bulletproof coffee’s identity system because everything looks so clean and uniform. the use of color is really nice and the logo mark is beautiful. the pattern in the background is related to the geometric bird but it isnt the same which is nice. the orange is used but not excessive.

Project4: Restaurant Logo

11/ 21/17

Curry up now is a indian food truck. i love their branding i think its fun and very colorful. their bags for collateral have a stamp of their logo but i really like just how simple a brown paper bag is compared to how colorful everything else is. and i think stamping the bags is another great element.

noble rey brewing has these amazing beer cans for their beers. every beer gets a name and a character designed on it and when you stack them it creates the whole figure. it is very cleaver and ive never seen it before.





75 sketches



  • Head Bangin Candy Lounge
  • Sugar Mohawk Candy Lounge
  • Hype Candy Lounge


  • The Sweet Spot
  • sweet music to your ears
  • the up all night club
  • sugar rush and music
  • come in, or don’t it’s your life
  • the rebellious candy shop
  • spiky yet sweet
  • sugar up while you rock out
  • sugar up

Project 3: Museum Logo



what i heard:

TURKEY!! NOOOOOOO i definitely don’t want a turkey haha ill fix that thumb. make everything all caps make historic different color inside. use another color with black and red?

colors to try: Dark purple, mystic colors, earthy tones, maybe tarot cards colors.

the smaller stroke on the eye make it more balanced. voodoo smaller and more tracking,maybe make it a thicker stroke on voodoo.

Tagline: Myth, Fact and The Unknown

what i think:

i definitely like it better with the circle design. i will fix the thumb i knew it needed to be messed with. i will play more with color and


Possible tag lines:

  1. Established 1972
  2. Voodoo happens here
  3. Where myth and fact come together
  4. Spiritually spooky
  5. Providing spiritual insight since 1972
  6. A look into mysterious New Orleans
  7. New Orleans mysterious culture
  8. Experience the unknown
  9. The other side of New Orleans
  10. Do you believe?


logo tagline:

The Voodoo Museum in New Orleans is not a typical museum. it is very small and is packed full of voodoo culture. it is hard to think of a tagline for such a specific cultural museum. what the museum wants to do is educate people about the culture of new orleans Voodoo.they also want to change what people think voodoo is. the museum brings more of a unknown culture and allows people to experience and learn about a new orleans specific culture. when people think about a museum most likely they think about a huge marble building with white floors and walls where you cant touch or interact with anything, but the Voodoo museum is very much the opposite. they have paintings, sculptures, relics, and even altars. you get to see this unique culture up-close and personal. they even provide someone that can do readings and even ceremonies.


what i heard:

to fill in the voodoo in the fingers to help read better. try different eyes in the palm. try different compositions. try making the type go all the way around.

what i think:

i definitely like the circle composition and i want to make it work. i think i need to try more options on the eyes and maybe the hands.

what im going to do:

i will draw up more hands and fill them in and try different compositions.



23 things….


Iphone X response:

Another company that expands their branding into their product would be car company’s whenever there is a new feature of that car brand all the cars have it and their marketing is driven toward that feature. Even though the logo doesn’t change all their product that they remake every year will look pretty much the same and have almost the same features and thats what their branding will focus on.

More sketches



The Voodoo Museum logo process

the voodoo museum is all about the history of voodoo in New Orleans. alot of creepy stuff that you dont want to touch so you don’t get cursed! the museum also offers walking tours to a cemetery. the cemeteries in NOLA are very different to ones we see around PA. they are actually really cool to get to see because they have tombs and they names of all the people that have been buried in the same tomb.

724 Dumaine Street
New Orleans, LA 70116

Whitney Logo Response:

  1. i absolutely love the Whitney logo. when i was reading the article i didnt really understand how the W could be responsive but showing the examples of the logo being used really made it clear. the logo doesnt stay exactly the same but yet it is still recognizable as the Whitney logo. i think it is so creative and very innovative.
  2. responsive design is when you design something to interact and respond to its environment and things around it. i mostly think of responsive design mostly in digital design but not always.
  3. i defiantly disagree, i think the logo is simple but not boring. if the logo stayed exactly the same then maybe it would be a little boring but because it responds with the rest of the composition it is put on i think it is absolutely amazing. i think simple can be beautiful and when you do it well it is not boring at all.Project 2: Olympic Bid Logo

Project 2: Olympic Bid Logo



what i heard:

the green flame is a little thicker than the rest and the yellow gets a little lost.

create lines between the lines of type. possibly look at how candidate city is placed in all the the olympic bid logos. if they are all the same pace that into logo.

what i think:

i think those are all good suggestions and i will definitely remember milton glazor did the i heat new york symbol.

what i will do:

i will keep messing with the flames until they are perfect.

i will also look into how the bid logos had candidate city.



what i heard:

the color of the rings definitely needs to be present in order to understand it is for the olympics. maybe try the ring colors in the text with the colors in the flame.

what i think:

i definitely think the ring colors need to be present.and i can try the other colors in the text.

what i am going to do:

i will figure out what colors i want to use.

Read and Respond:

For revising the logo i could actually make a torch in a more 3D way. i did make a subtle gradient within the color of the flame which i like. something else i could do is make the flames more realistic. maybe make the gradient go across all the flames.

Without editing it i could still use the subtle gradient on the flame which i did. and i wouldn’t want to make the torch look 3D it would make the logo look older in style. i like that the logo is flat. it will read better at a smaller scale and you could use different color and get a similar effect.



what i heard:

i had good variation with the type and the torch. maybe have the flames go tot the left to signal going forward. really like the typeface with slab serif typeface. lining up the I and changing the slab.

what i think:

i think the comments were correct and i definitely could decide which torch i liked better but a lot of people liked the torches that where cut off.

what i am going to do:

i will make a version with the straight flames and one with the flames going to the left. i will use the Slab serif and make the changed to better fit with the torch.


  1. the color is more of a symbolic meaning of what the company wants to convey. Most logos are one color to give that meaning, for example blue means trustworthy which is why a lot of corporate companies use blue.
  2. For a one color i could use red to symbolize energy and excitement for the olympics also for the flame on the torch, which would give off that it is hot.
  3. for two colors i could use yellow for the flame which could refer to the statue of liberty’s torch and the flame of the olympic torch. yellow also means confident which could say it is confident that new york will be the city for the olympics. i could pair yellow with the a blueish color to almost mimic the Statue of Liberty’s color, would could mean tust-worthy that New York will do a good job at hosting the olympics.
  4. a full color i would most likely do the colors of the olympic rings and keep the letters black. i would use the olympic colors in the flame of the torch.



what i heard…

  1. subway map could be defined more. use tube like elements to create NY32. it could be really successful if done right.
  2. NY negative space logo doesnt look like a logo for the olympics just a pretty logo for new york city.
  3. I torch new york is the one to go with. play around with the style of the torch and also typeface. also with 2032 placement placing it around the i torch new york.

what i think…

  1. i definitely had issues with the subway map idea and i was getting frustrated with it what was said in class was very helpful and made it a better option.
  2. i did really like the NY negative logo but i understand that it could just be a logo for the city not a bid to have the olympics in New york city.
  3. i torch New York is my favorite and i can do a lot of variations on the torch, typography, and placement of the 2032.

what im going to do….

  1. i am going forward with the i torch new york and going with multiple variations to it .

23 things…..

  1. the competition doesn’t have the city skyline. new york city is recognized by the skyline.
  2. to make a bid logo for NYC. most populated and diverse. everyone knows the city. NYC personality is pretty huge and kinda crazy
  3. the type can change to figure out which is the best one to use. i love doing type trials and i think for the i torch NY the type will be very important.
  4. i don tthink my logos disrespect old NYC logos i didnt look at any of the bid logos for NY just so i didnt get stuck in a spot because i saw the old ones.
  5. i definetly think the i torch NY wil be really recognizable because it is similar to i heart NY which has been seen everywhere.
  6. i love typography and for my logos i can see both san-serif and serif fonts being used.
  7. i am going to be cutting into a typeface with the NY logo to show off the skyline that is so much a part of NY.
  8. i tried to create type with the subway letter forms but i dont think i can make it work.
  9. i am creating the break from NY on the negative space as a torch to symbolize the olympics.
  10. i definetly like modifying type and i think i will do that in the i torch NY by almost putting them together so they touch.
  11. i think the torch will be the hardest part to make simple but i can get away with not putting in a lot of detail. just have to find the right balance.
  12. if i added color yellow would work for the torch and it will mimic the angular points of a triangle
  13. the NY lofo has some grid lines to keep it aligned and the i torch NY works with a grid as well to keep it all together.
  14. the NY logo uses negative space to make the torch between the N and Y also the skyline is in the NY as welll
  15. i torch NY is definetly humorous becasue it mimics the i heart NY which is everywhere and everyone will know it.
  16. i dont think my logos will have much color going foward maybe just a pop of color.
  17. if i had to pick a color i would pick yellow or red for the i torch NY and maybe using complementary colors.
  18. i would definitely use more energetic colors because you would want people to be excited about the olympics.
  19. owning a color isnt really needed for this type of a logo he logo is just for bidding for the olympic games to be at NY .
  20. i do like black and white logo designs becasue they show sophitication and we are making our logos black and white. it might be hard to successfully achieve .
  21. we always do critiques in class and i always think it is a big help just one person thinking diferently than you are can change the way you think about your logos.
  22. i think the logo could be used as promotional branding if the olypimc wen tto new york city they would be all over on t-shirts and flyers.
  23. the torch could be alive and the flame can breath the letters i dont think you move.


Project 1: We Stand Together logo

submission Stand together logo

Stand Together Process

Class 3: 9/5/17

i think my third design is the strongest. it has love on bread and is being spread which is the saying i choose “spread love”. i think the color choice is strong i used brown to indicate bread and the red violet to represent the jelly on the toast. i also think that adding a knife to represent spreading is also a strong part in this design. the one weakness might be when i created the spread jelly in some parts it can get pointy and maybe i will just make it a big solid spread of jelly.

  1. i have made paintings or drawings of something i like for things i would put around my house or just a craft project just for myself sometimes but it would have to be something i really loved most of the time i draw up my own ideas .there is defiantly a solution without copying someone else’s work .
  2. i don’t think i was ever stolen or copied from.
  3. there is defiantly original ideas but i do not google what i am trying to do because more than likely you will find something very similar to what you were thinking of doing.

Class 2 :8/30/17

What i heard:

  • Use square more usefully
  • Idea use bread and spread butter or jelly
  • Microscope/ disease
  • Airplane lines travel

What I think:

  • Definitely use the square
  • I like the idea of the bread I can use that for each one

What I’m doing to do:

  • Create a logo with bread and butter

Class 1 :8/29/17

Chosen Theme: love

Synonym: friendship, affection, passion, emotion, respect, cherishing, enchantment, flame, relish, mad for,

Antonyms: hate, dislike, neglect, disloyalty, misery, sorrow, treachery, unhappeiness,

Idioms: love to death, Love bug, take breath away, make love not war, love find a way, love will find a way,

Quotes: hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that-martin luther king jr.

Further reflections/ideas/brainstorming: tough love, love bomb, love bug, Spread Love

Spread: virus, bomb, fire, jelly

Love: hearts, flower, kiss, hands , hugs, passion

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