Top 5 Funniest Turkish Food Names

There are some pretty funny names for food in Turkey. Some commonalities are men’s admiration of the woman’s form (preferably plump) and liking what respected members of society like.

5. İmambayıldı — The imam fainted

This is a dish that makes even the most respected member of the community lose it. The name suggests that the food is so good that even the imam fainted (presumably from elation). If you’re not down with the imam, then get outta here!

İmambayıldı is a stuffed eggplant (aubergine) dish with minced meat, tomatoes, onion, and green peppers.

4. Hünkârbeğendi — The royal highness liked it

If it’s good enough for the royal highness, it must be good enough for me! Turks must have had a high respect for their beys and efendis. This meal certianly looks to be for royalty.

Hünkârbeğendi is a dish with spiced tender beef over eggplant (aubergine) cooked over hot coals.

3. Kadın budu köfte — Women’s thighs meatballs

Another tip of the hat to Turkish men’s preference for plump women.

Kadın budu köfte has got ground beef, rice, eggs, flour, and other ingredients, all deep fried in a pan. Presumably, this is the exact recipe that makes Turkish men want to bite into a woman’s tighs!

2. Hanım göbeği — Lady’s belly

Nothing makes a Turkish man happier than having a woman with a nice round belly. These sweet treats just might leave you wanting the same!

The main ingredient for hanım göbeği is of course flour. It is drenched in a sweet concoction of sugary water, often with vanilla, and commonly with nuts or crushed pistachios in the center.

1. Dilber dudağı — Attractive woman’s lips

These will leave a sweet, intoxicating taste on your lips.

Dilber dudağı is a sweet pastry with mixed nuts inside. The outside is coated with sugary water with a twist of lemon.

I hope you get the chance to enjoy these ingeniously named Turkish foods. If you are ever in Turkey, don’t forget to try them!

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