Pictured in this photo is a Houston Police Officer carrying a mother and her infant from their flooded home by boat, and lifting them to safety. They were just two of the unfortunate victims whose home was flooded and had to be rescued in order to get out safely. Attention was drawn to the infant who amongst the chaos of the flooding, remained with a serene look on his face. This photograph captures a very devastating moment that became a symbol of the storm and rescue efforts. Not only for the rescue itself but because the child became a representation of hope for the many people who saw it.

Hurricane Harvey is among many of the natural disasters that has happened all over the world recently.

The initial estimates of damaged caused by Hurricane Harvey overpower most other hurricanes and tropical storms. More than 30,000 people have fled Houston to shelters while an untold number of other people have been displaced. Harvey was categorized as a level 4 hurricane that mostly targeted Central Texas. This tragedy has cost people their lives, homes, cars and sense of hopeless and helplessness. It’s in these times of despair that the real heroes shine.

What this photo doesn’t show you is how quickly this particular law enforcement individual was rescuing people. When you become aware of the diligence and dedication of these rescues workers it makes images like these all the more captivating. This is an image of a man not looking for media attention but simply performing his civic duty. This proves how hard working and passionate our law enforcement, and rescuers alike, are.

Even though we are facing times when Americans are feeling divided it’s always a relief to see and know that in end we become unified when people are in need.

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