Amazon: The Everything Store

Amazon does it again. Just when I am unable to find my favorite book at a local store or Barnes and Nobles, I simply type the title in the search bar, hit enter, and there it is. It says it will be here in 5 days, or if I use my Amazon Prime it will arrive at my front door in a couple days. The timing and price is to good to turn down. Online shopping is an activity that is enjoyed by most and instead of having to shop at multiple stores for several items, Amazon offers it all. Everything we are looking for is in one website. It can be yours in just one click while sitting on the couch watching you favorite movie. Besides the shopping that Amazon has to offer there are many other factors that play a major role in the success of this company.

Amazon is offered globally. It offers the same benefits and items no matter your location. Amazon sells it’s own products and also allows private parties to sell their products through their website. When you scroll through the items it shows you who the seller is, where it’s shipping from and when it will arrive. It gives you the option to pay more if you’d like it there sooner, or sign up for Amazon Prime which is the way to go. It’s a flat fee for the whole year and offers free two day shipping. It simplifies it by giving the choice to click the prime option so when your shopping it automatically brings up everything that is prime shipping.

There is nothing worse than receiving your item in the mail and not matching the picture online. You start to panic and hope this company will let you return your item for money back or exchange it. With Amazon you don’t have to worry. It offers a reliable return policy, whether you buy it from a private dealer or from the Amazon department. I have had problems where my item never makes it to me or the item is not what I ordered. I emailed and called them and they refunded me my money and helped me order the right item, hassle free. When you purchase an item through a private dealer and something goes wrong, Amazon takes care of it. It provides a faster more effiecent commication with costumers. With their costumer service available 24 hours a day 7 days a week they are there to help promptly. Amazon’s most critical success factor is the customer service strategy. The company ranks high on satisfaction lists. Most of the products they sell can be found else where on the net. What truly makes it great is that it’s better in service, than companies that aren’t retailers. The company focus’s on its costumers rather then its comepeititors. They want to make their costumers happy which is what makes them come back.

Amazon started off as an online bookstore. It now offers a wide variety of items such as food, books, electronics, clothes, you name it and they have it. When you search the name of an item, many options pop up. Amazon is not afraid to sell anything and everything. They are the most diverse online website, bringing in millions of online shoppers. It is also one of the most innovative companies. They offer low prices on items that would cost double the price somewhere else. It gives them the ability to take an idea from merchandise that’s invented, and create their own. The kindle that came out didn’t beat other e-readers to the market, but Amazon’s became the most popular. There has been serveral new innovative products coming from the company. A service called Amazon Locker for people who don’t want packages shipped to work and who can’t get to the post office before it closes. There’s Amazon Flow, an app that lets you take pictures of products and have them automatically added to an Amazon shopping list. Amazon Prime Tv is one of their most popular attributes. Seeing how popular Netflix and Hulu are, Amazon offers movies and tv shows through Prime Tv. They’re constantly seeing what their costumers want and are interested in and figure out how to intagle that in their company.

As consumers most of us would like a more personalized shopping experience. It would be ideal if you could walk into a store and the items you like would be right in front of you, rather than having to browse the entire store. Amazon is set up to give you that personal shopping experience. It keeps track of your previous searches and purchases, so it knows what you are interested in. At the bottom of the search page it displays many different items and once you click on it, it brings up other items you might be interested in. They are constantly recommending products so you’re more likely to by something when you are done shopping. Because online shopping is a different experience, people are more catious before making a purchase. The customer can view what other customers have said about the product prior to making a decision. Amazon also sends out personalized emails based on items you have looked at. Usually I would send an email from a store to junk mail, but Amazon always has a way to rope you in. I went online to scope out a phone case and later that day I had an email from Amazon that offered me a discount. Of course I couldn’t pass up this offer. It’s persuasiveness really fills up your shopping cart.

All of these factors show why this company is so successful and makes you want to buy from them. They care about their costumers and their needs, endlessly. They are constantly evolving to make sure their website and items offered are up to date. It’s referred to as the “Everything Store” offering more then just products, but the whole shopping experience. I will continue to support this business for many years to come.

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