Cursed with curiosity

She heard a loud fire shot coming from the living room and immediately ran towards it wondering who would be so dumb to blow a bomb cracker in the house. Her wonder and curiosity soon turned into shock and panic. His eyes lock on hers…

Her hearts racing so fast that she feels the strong plunges through her flesh. She is slowly catching her breath, bringing it back to normal. Hugging her knees, shivering. She is cold and wet, yet she tries not to move an inch. She must stay quiet and still if she doesn’t want to be found. It’s dark out, the rain is worse than it was a few seconds ago.

She was certainly lucky to find an empty doghouse thrown out onto the streets. She has no idea where she is, she was just lucky enough to get away after such a traumatic tragedy.

Frightened, cold, wet, and alone in the middle of nowhere. Every little girl’s worst nightmare, it certainly is hers. Looking out from the doghouse, finally feeling safe from the dangerous man, she realizes what happened, the shock only triggering her at full extend now. When the events took place she had no time to react, because he saw her and she had to get away.

She barely escaped, he nearly caught her a dozen of times, chasing her nonstop. He would’ve killed her, she knows he would. She saw it in his eyes after she has witnessed what he has done. She heard it in his voice when he screamed and pleaded for her to stop and listen.

To think that she had to run from her own brother who was trying to kill her, who killed her father, the only parent that they had left.

Sadness fills her heart and mind and she slowly sobs her way to sleep. Her tears flowing down her cheek like the rainwater is flowing down the streets.

From this day forward she’s all alone in this big world, living on the street, no home, no family, no friends, and nine years of age.

If only she had stayed in her room. If only she hadn’t let her curiosity get the best of her. Her curiosity has always led her to trouble, but this exceeds that trouble by far. She’s cursed. Her curiosity is a curse that brings great sorrow.

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