Dark Forest

👣I have tried for days on end, without any luck, to get out of here. She wouldn’t help me, not in the slightest way, she told me it is my problem and that she is happy here. I can’t believe that she doesn’t want to escape from this creepy place, it is unbelievable. The air here is weird. The trees look like monsters, especially in the dark. Shadows move and follow me around. I swear that I saw a huge snake in the water, but still she decides to take a swim. How she does it is unknown and it freaks me out.

🌸I have found amusement in watching him try to escape from this magical place. Why anyone would ever want to leave this breathtaking forest is inexplicable. I wish to continue to walk barefoot on the grass, on the dirt and mud, to swim in the mystical waters, to climb the tall trees, and to breathe in this soothing aroma. I have made friends with the creatures here. The snake is at peace and will bring me no harm, though it’s funny to creep him out. I wish he would only realize that we live in such a magical place. This place was meant for someone like me.

👣I don’t know how much longer I will be able to survive here. My anxiety levels are on a constant rollercoaster. One second I am totally fine and the next I am petrified. The sooner I find a way out, the better. I can’t stand the paranoia, the feeling of someone or something watching me with every breath I take. Something following me everywhere I go.

She is very mysterious, she truly is. How she finds peace here is a mystery on its own.

🌸I am happy. I wish only he could be happy as well. He is fighting an eternal battle, and for as long as he keeps this up he won’t see the beauty of this place and what a gift it is. I have tried to tell him that, but obviously, he won’t listen, it is something he has to figure out on his own. I can’t help those who are ignorant, those who wish to stay the same and miss the opportunity of growth.

👣I hate this! I absolutely hate this. I struggle to breathe. The dark forest is starting to drive me insane with each passing day. Illusions of unknown creatures have settled into my mind. Fear has seeped into my core. My paranoia is only getting worse. I miss the comfort of my home. How I got here is still a mystery and how to get out is an even bigger question. I miss knowing the time. I miss having a job, having a schedule, knowing what life will bring. Knowing where I am. I hate the unknown. I fear the lack of control. My worst nightmares have come true.

🌸I love this. I have found true peace and freedom. I am free from the busy world. Free from a busy schedule. I do as I please. I sleep without stress. I sleep up high in a tree or in a small cave behind the waterfall, wherever I feel like it. Ataraxia- peace of mind; and I can finally relate to the full extend. I live every day with love, abundance, and happiness while he lives every day in fear, not seeing anything good, letting his paranoia eat him up bit by bit. He is striving to escape. If this continues, I will be stuck alone here, and I can’t say that I won’t enjoy it. This dark forest is truly something magical and mysterious. I enjoy discovering something new each day, I will never leave this place.

You always have two options in life. To see the world through a positive or a negative lense. To see the glass as half empty or half full. To be happy or unhappy. To ask “why me” or say “try me”. To adapt or resent. To be enlightened or be trapped in belief systems. To be influenced by others or not. To care and not to care. To grow or to stay ignorrant.

Hope you enjoyed reading this. I wish peace, love, happiness, abundance, health, and wealth to be present in every part of your life.