27 Augustus 2020

I place my hands on the candle, bow my head with my eyes closed and start to say the well-known prayer to be blessed, to bring its magic and powers into your life.

My prayers get cut short when I hear gasping all around me. The whispers get louder and more violent and I open my eyes, shocked to find that the eternal flame has died. After four hundred and sixty years the magical flame died, and I was the one at the candle.

Looking at my friends, who seems to be more shocked than I am, I see the one gesturing for the others to go and they leave, I try calling them, telling them to wait, only Kesha looks back at me and I see how sorry she is, but still she keeps ons walking through the crowd that is slowly getting more tense.

“You bring bad luck!”, “You should be ashamed of yourself!”, “You Witch! Get out of here!”, “You are responsible for killing the eternal flame!”, all these words echo in my mind as I wash off the tears from my face.

My friends abandoned me, looked at me like I am some kind of traitor. I had to switch off my phone, I am the talk of the town, a few towns, and cities to be honest. The threats have already rolled in from people who weren’t even there. My parents have called a numeral times, but I don’t know how to face anyone right now.

I can’t even begin to fathom how it was possible that I killed the flame that was said will live for an eternity. I didn’t even touch the flame, and many people have tried killing the flame with water, sand, and everything you can think of and it didn’t die. Maybe I should be ashamed.

I wake up from a terrible nightmare, run to the bathroom, and hurl my lungs out.

Crying once again, letting my tears roll down my cheeks and mix with the bathwater. I lift my hands and see that glowing red flames are coming out of both my palms. I immediately drown my hands in the water, but as soon as it gets lifted out of the water, the flames are back.

I pull an allnighter trying to discover the things I can do. So far I can set anything on fire and take that fire away, I can control whether the flame burns something down to ashes or just stays on it without damaging anything. I can kill a fire made my matches. I can generate flames to come from my whole body. The humiliation of yesterday is long forgotten.

Who needs unworthy friends and awful people when a power like this exists inside of me. The eternal flame grows inside of me.

They will all be sorry.

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