Just two weeks and the excitement that comes with working on my final project for the fulltime UX/UI design bootcamp at Ironhack: A deadline and a motivation.

We had to detect a problem and come up with a fully formed solution in that span of time, nice right?

It´s safe to say I reached peak time-management skills 🤯

Let me give you a bit of context, if you will, regarding what got my head ticking while searching for that problem to fix.

In the last 6 years, the use of the cellphone has increased to be three times what…

Picture this: You arrive at the beach in a hurry, eager to catch some waves and get your surfing on, but when you do, the swell is almost flat and you are carrying a shortboard. Not the best board to compete for waves with the longboarders that are currently surfing if you ask me.

That sucks right? It does, and it happens almost too often, even more, if you are looking to surf while traveling in spots that you don’t really know or you can’t find your way around understanding websites like windguru.

An this is why PEACHY SWELL is…

Karla Imbert

UX/UI Designer | Entrepreneur

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