6 months, that’s all you have.

If you were told that someone you love only has six more months with you, what would you do? How would you react? What is the first thing that would pop into your head that you would really want to do with him/her?

What if it was a parent? A family member? Friend? Significant other?

Would it matter who it was? It’s all still love, right?

Sometimes, we find ourselves, saying, “Yeah, it’s in a couple of months. We have a while.” But when we put it in a different context, a couple of months is never enough. How do you prepare yourself to do everything you want to do with him/her before you can’t anymore?

We don’t realize how much we take advantage of the time that we have with the people we care about the most until we are presented with a limited time left. We always think we’ll have more time to “make up” for missed time, but truth is, we never really know what can happen tomorrow. We don’t know what can happen a month from now. We never know.

So for those who still have the time with their loved ones, appreciate it. This goes for every person in your life that you care about, that you cannot imagine life without. Your family, your friends, the person that you’re falling for, but afraid to go further with. Screw it. Just go for it.

Because you will only regret not doing so when you lose that chance to show how much you care and love someone. Because by that time, it’s all too late.

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