25 Things The World Would Be Better Off Without…In Addition To Donald Trump
Allan Ishac

Darn you, Allan, now I’ve got a crick in my neck from reading each thing on this list and nodding yup, yup, yup, agree with that one, agree with that one (pause on the chopped liver; I like chopped liver), yup, yup, yup. I would add another one: this thing at so many companies where when you call them up with a question or complaint, you first have to spend five minutes “speaking” to a robot that asks you what language you want to speak in, what is the general topic of your call, what your secret password is, how many pets you have, what the weather is like outside your window, what color underwear you’re wearing right now and, oh, did you want to speak to an operator? Hang on, let me find one for you. Or else if you’re calling about your balance, press one. If you’re calling about a lost card, press two. If you’re calling to learn about our latest offers, press three. If you’re wanting my aunt’s fabulous recipe for chopped liver, and I’m telling you, that’s not one to be missed, press four. I’m also not naming names, but I am thinking of a credit card company that has four letters in its name, and the first letter is V.

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