Liberals And Conservatives Reach Historic Peace Accord — America Is United Again!
Allan Ishac

Thank you as always, Allan. The great irony is that in one sense what you describe in your fantasy has already happened. That is the world of polling. By substantial majorities, the people of America regularly state their opposition to Trump’s agenda — banning immigrants, building a wall, not having an independent prosecutor to investigate Trump and the Russians (I just have to believe that somewhere down the line there will be a Broadway musical called Trump and the Russians), and particularly canceling grandma’s health care. Poll after poll shows that Americans, on the whole, are on the side of the angels on such issues. This comes up against other polls which show that 90%+ of those who actually voted for Trump say that they don’t regret the vote, and that may be true, but it seems to me that that must be first because it would be embarrassing to admit to a pollster that you made a truly idiotic choice back in November, and second, because they have not yet been personally impacted by what Trump and his minions are doing. If they really do gut Medicaid, if they really do allow coal companies to start dumping their crap into the local water supply, if they really do keep deporting Maria down in the shipping department who was always so nice and brought baked goods, and gosh, has three children who are American citizens, what is that all about — then I think people will start to turn away. But above all, even if every single person who voted for Trump remains faithful in the electoral sense, that is not a majority. That is not even close to a majority. And so those who do not want coal companies to befoul the water supply and do not want grandma to lose her health care simply need to get organized. There will be another election 538 days from now (God help us all). It can be made right. It can even be made right in places that are theoretically as red as the Bolshevik flag (and seeing as how these Trumpists do tend to be fans of the Kremlin, that is not an inappropriate simile, it seems to me). The courts are blocking the most egregious Republithug “keep Negroes from voting” efforts. In election after election, the Democrat is coming close to knocking off the entrenched Republithug in a supposedly all-red district, etc. It can be done!

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